About Us

About Us

Coslity is a website built to save you money and time by comparing prices before you make a purchase.

We make shopping easy by comparing prices from dozens of most popular online retailers saving you time and money.

Our main priority is to save you money and time by comparing prices for multiple products. Although none of the product on this site are sold directly or manufactured by us, we can still save you money.

We make our living through purchases made through our partner and affiliate sites and do generate small commission on product listed on our website. Please be aware that this does not cost you anything extra

We provide daily price updates from dozens of the most popular online retailers to make sure that all prices displayed on our website are current.

You can even set up price thresholds alerts on a specific product and we will then send you a notification by email when a retailer offers a price lower than your set amount

Please contact us if you have any questions

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